Stormwater Pollution


When rain or water hit hard surfaces like pavement, it creates stormwater runoff. Runoff flows off of rooftops, paved areas, bare soil, and other impervious or impermeable surfaces. On its journey, stormwater picks up and transports many of the pollutants it encounters, which are NOT treated or removed as it makes its way directly to the rivers, streams, and lakes that hold our drinking water. These pollutants include dirt, pet wastes, pesticides, fertilizers, automobile fluids (such as oil, gasoline, and antifreeze), deicing products, yard wastes, cigarette butts, and litter, to name a few. By carrying all these different kinds of pollution into our waterways, stormwater runoff itself becomes a water pollutant!

Imagine how much pollution can come from an entire town’s vehicles, lawns, homes, businesses, parking lots, and litterbugs. Learn more about why stormwater pollution is a problem here, and browse around our site to see how you can make a difference in the water quality in your community!

Along North Carolina’s rivers, there are many towns and lots of people, and all of us use that water coming from upstream. Let’s keep it clean for the people downstream!