About CWEP


The Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP) is a cooperative effort between local governments, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations to protect water quality in the Tar-Pamlico, Neuse, and Cape Fear River Basins. CWEP aims to protect North Carolina’s waterways from stormwater pollution through public education and outreach.

CWEP helps public entities communicate the important fact that clean water is vital for healthy ecosystems and a high quality of life for area residents.

CWEP is governed by a Steering Committee that is composed of representatives from each partner jurisdiction or agency. Subcommittees work on various public outreach and education activities. As of 2018, there are over 35 government partners in CWEP. Together, these organizations provide all of the regular, ongoing funding support for the program.

Local Government Partners

Local governments perform the most important function of CWEP: interacting with the public. CWEP helps local governments develop educational and outreach materials to cooperatively achieve more than they could individually. In addition, CWEP provides direct education opportunities for our partners by getting into their schools, libraries, camps, fairs, festivals, and more using various services and programming.

If you are a representative of a local government that is interested in joining the CWEP program, please visit our Contact page to reach out to the TJCOG program administrator.

Visit local governments’ websites (listed below) to learn more about how they protect water quality in their area. Because everyone lives downstream of someone else, everyone should take action to protect water quality!



Several counties also participate in CWEP to provide greater regional education power:

Who Do We Serve?


State Agency Partners


Triangle J Council of Governments helped Project Partners establish the CWEP program in 2001. TJCOG continues to provide management and technical support services for the program.

Please browse our public SharePoint archive site to see informative documents such as annual reports, CWEP Steering Committee meeting minutes, and campaign results.