Community Program Offerings

In addition to the mass media campaigns, CWEP provides free in-person stormwater education with local government partners in their communities’ schools, after-school programs, scout programs, libraries, community events, and more. The goals of this hands-on programming are to:

  • Help the public understand that stormwater does not get treated before running into local creeks and rivers. This means we need to be informed about the types of stormwater pollutants and how to prevent them.
  • Help the public understand that everyone lives in a watershed, which means we all live upstream and downstream of someone else.
  • Teach about how stormwater quality and quantity impact human and ecosystem health.

CWEP offers free community programs in each of our partner local government jurisdictions. Below is a brief list of our current program offerings. For more detailed explanations of specific lessons and activities and what we bring to tabling events, please see our CWEP services menu. If you would like to request a community program, please fill out our Community Program Request Form at the bottom of this page.

If you are a teacher who would like to request a classroom visit, please visit our School Programs page.

After-school programs at schools, community centers, YMCAs or parks and rec facilities are a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about water issues. Engage your youth in an outdoor nature hike/scavenger hunt, a fun craft using recycling materials, or a hands-on demonstration about water pollution.

Schedule a CWEP program at your local library! We have a collection of water-related children’s books for storytime read-alouds and can also facilitate interactive crafts, activities, and STEM lessons for youth after-school programs.

CWEP hosts train-the-trainer sessions for NC Stream Watch, a state-wide community science program run by the NC Department of Environmental Quality. If you are a group or club leader interested in leading a water quality assessment, CWEP will run through the basics of this program and help you facilitate your first event.

In addition to NC Stream Watch trainings, CWEP offers creekside water quality labs. Learn how to ID macroinvertebrates and perform chemical water tests to assess the health of the waterway. This program offering is great for summer camps, homeschool groups and scouts.

CWEP can help lead or assist with community litter clean-ups.

If you have a specific programming need that you do not see listed, please reach out! We are willing to work with you to develop a program that best suits the needs and interests of you and your group.

Community Program Request Form