Educational Videos

Learn more about stormwater, water quality, and solutions with these educational videos created by local governments participating in Regional Creek Week.

Water Quality

Learn more about water quality parameters such as temperature, dissolved, oxygen, pH, nutrients, turbidity and electric conductivity with this great set of videos created by Town of Chapel Hill Stormwater Department. Special thanks to CWEP partner Sammy Bauer for her hard work on these videos!
What happens to pollutants when it rains on our roofs, streets, businesses, farms, and green space? City of Raleigh stormwater educator Carmela explains.
How is pet waste a stormwater pollutant? Check out this short animated video to learn more and get involved in Durham’s Duty Pledge
The town of Garner’s stormwater drains into Lake Benson. Learn more about how you can keep stormwater clean for those downstream with these helpful tips.
Learn how you can help manage stormwater quality while caring for your lawn.


CWEP’s “Introduction to Stormwater” video will help you understand the 3 “S”s of stormwater management: Soak it up, spread it out and slow it down.
This animated video from the City of Durham explains how constructed wetlands can soak up, spread out, slow down and filter stormwater.
Sing along with CWEP educator Hannah while she sings her original Soak-Spread-Slow stormwater song.

Resilience Infrastructure

How does the City of Raleigh provide clean drinking water during severe weather? Watch this video on the Raleigh Twitter page to find out.

Take a virtual tour of the City of Raleigh’s Bio-Resource Recovery Project at the Neuse River Resource Facility with the amazing drone footage and animated overview!