School Programs

CWEP offers classroom visits free of charge in participating partner local governments. Below you will find examples of school programs that CWEP can facilitate with your students. For a complete list of  activities and lessons aligned with NC curriculum standards, please see our CWEP Services menu. Visit the CWEP Curriculum Aligned Lessons page for more classroom offerings with middle and high school students complete with downloadable lesson plans.

If you would like to schedule a classroom visit, please fill out our school visit request form at the bottom of this page.

Storytime: Pre-K- Elementary

Students learn all about water in these educational, fun and lyrical books. This program pairs up well with arts and crafts activities such the rain making craft or build your own caddisfly. We have the following books in our CWEP collection:

  • Water is Water by Miranda Paul
  • All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper
  • The Water Princess by Susan Verde
  • Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle
  • All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon
  • Song of the Water Boatman (and other Pond Poems) by Joyce Sidman

Arts and Crafts: Elementary

These creative activities help instill the importance of water through art. We have materials to facilitate the following:

  • Create your own Rain Maker: students use dried rice, beans, plastic eggs, and spoons to make an instrument that mimics rain sounds.
  • Build a Caddisfly: students construct a unique shell for a caddisfly using a variety of recycled materials.
  • Fashion-a-fish: students learn about adaptive body parts of aquatic creatures by creating their own animal. 
  • stormwater coloring and activity book pages

The Incredible Journey: Upper Elementary

This is a hands-on, physical activity that teaches students about the randomization of the water cycle. Students become a “water droplet”, traveling from station to station collecting beads and rolling dice to find out where they go to next. At the end of the activity, students reflect on their “journey” and get to bring home a hand-made bracelet. You can read more about this program here.

EnviroScape: Middle School

Students act as pollutants or rain on the this 3D model of a watershed using common community practices in order to understand point-source and non-point source stormwater pollution. You can read more about this program here.


Storm Drain Investigation: High School

Investigate infrastructure and predict flood patterns around your school with this outdoor investigative activity!

Outdoor Programs: All Ages

We have numerous opportunities to take your class outside with engaging, fun and safe programs! Programs include guided nature hikes along a waterway, nature scavenger hunts, water quality testing and a stream-side macroinvertebrate identification activity. 

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