Outreach Resources

We are pretty passionate when it comes to educating people about the importance of keeping stormwater clean so that the environment around us is healthy, and we want you to be too! Our Outreach pages are loaded with resources you can use to spread the word in your neighborhood about water quality and conservation. We have tools for making learning about stormwater fun with kids and students, informational resources for adults, and even some materials in Spanish!  If you think of anything you might need in your community, please contact us and let us know!

New to our program in 2018 is the addition of direct education outreach services for stormwater education with the goal of promoting behavior changes about water quality impairment and our impact on Stormwater runoff. CWEP has Stormwater education specialists who are available to present a hands-on, stimulating, stormwater lesson using various models and services to groups of all ages. The lesson’s length can be tailored to fit your needs. To schedule a service, please refer to the contact page. You can find more information about each of the services and resources provided in the General Outreach Materials page.

General Outreach Materials

Stormwater Education Videos

For Kids and Students

Spanish Language