Spanish Language

CWEP 30-second version with Spanish subtitles

CWEP Full-Length Stormwater Education Video (Spanish)

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CWEP Topical Brochures in Spanish


In November 2008, CWEP mailed 109,383 postcards to owners of parcels with streams in Partner jurisdictions that live in North Carolina about the importance of maintaining streamside vegetation (buffers) with instructions on how to plant a tree. A printable and colorful CWEP postcard is available for distribution (print double-sided with “flip on long edge” and cut in half on grey line). Please contact CWEP if you would like to use a high-quality file. For more information on stream buffers see our blog post too!


This colorful and engaging infographic uses the elements from our new videos above to follow the path of stormwater through our communities in spanish!

Stormwater PowerPoint

Feel free to download and use our general stormwater PowerPoint presentation in the Spanish language for your use! This resource is a great discussion starter for programming at libraries, schools, scout meetings, etc! You can find this Spanish presentation here: General Stormwater PowerPoint.