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If you are interested in some of our general programs, or seeking assistance in a volunteer event in your local community, please fill out the request form below.

However, if you are looking for us to assist in facilitating a program for students at your school, please fill out the School Program Request Form found on our Teachers page!

Public Programming

  • Litter Cleanups

We will aid in litter cleanup events in our member communities.

  • Guided Nature Hike

The purpose of this hike is to give each participant a chance to spend some time along a trail in nature. They will complete a series of tasks laid out along the trail as they work their way through this activity.

  • Water Quality Testing and Streamside Macroinvertebrate Identification Activity

Students act as citizen scientists, collect meaningful data about the health of our streams, and propose ways to promote environmental stewardship at all age levels.

  • Crafts at the Creek

CWEP supplies the resources and leadership for various arts and crafts activities at local waterways which allows participants to be more connected with the outdoors through art. These crafts may include rain stick making, seed paper origami, seed paper bookmark making, painting, coloring, and “Make Your Own Caddisfly”.

  • Enviroscape

Students get to act as pollutants or rain on a 3D model of a watershed using common household items. This activity helps students to better understand point-source and nonpoint-source pollution. They will also learn basic facts about their local watershed and respective river basin.

  • Tree Planting

We will aid our member communities in tree planting events and environmental education relating to stormwater and buffers.

  • Rain Barrel Workshop

Our rain barrel workshops demonstrate what a rain barrel is, how it can be beneficial in managing stormwater runoff, and how you can build your very own at home.

  • Rain Garden Workshop

Our rain garden workshops give participants knowledge about what a rain garden is, how it is used as a best management practice with stormwater runoff, as well as hands-on experience in building or maintaining a rain garden.

  • Scout Programming

We develop programming for all scouts.

  • Summer Camps

Our summer camp programs range from stream exploration, arts and crafts, and other hands-on activities.

  • Library Programs

We work with libraries to deliver educational programs, especially during the spring and summer to correlate with the designated library theme year to year.

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