General Outreach Materials

The Clean Water Education Partnership uses a variety of means to educate the public about thebugs importance of watershed stewardship, including cinema, internet, and radio campaigns. You can check out our “What We’re Doing” page to find out more about our messages in your area, but if you’re looking for tools you can use on your own to educate your friends and neighbors, you’ve come to the right spot! These materials are great for both kids and adults. They are also available in Spanish here.

You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the .pdf files; if you need to download this free software please click here.

We will be working on updating these materials very soon, so please check back often for new releases!

CWEP Printable Brochures

CWEP Postcard on Stream Buffer Maintenance

In November 2008, CWEP mailed 109,383 postcards to owners of parcels with streams in Partner jurisdictions that live in North Carolina about the importance of maintaining streamside vegetation (buffers) with instructions on how to plant a tree. A printable flier is available for distribution (print double-sided with “flip on long edge” and cut in half on grey line). Please contact CWEP if you would like to use a high-quality file. For more information on stream buffers see our blog post too!

CWEP Organizational Brochure

The CWEP brochure is designed to promote good watershed stewardship. It is distributed by our CWEP partners at public events and through the mail. Please contact CWEP if you would like to use a high-quality file.


Slicks are pre-made ads for newspapers that promote our website and remind citizens that what they put on their yards ends up in our waterways. Slicks are generally run simply as filler when a newspaper has a little extra space.

Additional Resources

Our site is filled with information about stormwater, water quality, conservation, and ways to protect our waters from everyday pollution. Be sure to look around!