In- Person Education

In addition to the mass media campaigns, CWEP provides free in-person stormwater education at schools, after-school programs, scout programs, libraries, community events, and more through collaboration with the CWEP partner governments. The goals of this hands-on programming are to:

  • help the public understand that stormwater does not get treated before running into local creeks and rivers. This means we need to be informed about the types of stormwater pollutants and how to prevent them.
  • everyone lives in a watershed, and we all live upstream and downstream of someone else.
  • stormwater quality and quantity impact human and ecosystem health.

Examples of stormwater educational programming include interactive demonstrations, investigating storm drains, macroinvertebrate sampling, water quality sampling, storytime read-alouds, and water-themed crafts. You can learn more about each of CWEP’s direct education offerings, including K-12 NC curriculum standard allignments, in our service menu.

Our staff is committed to tailoring lessons to your specific age range, group size, curriculum requirements, and other needs. If you are interested in scheduling a CWEP program with your group, please contact a CWEP staff member.

Not sure if you live in a CWEP partner government? You can visit Our Partners page or contact us if you have any additional questions.